Corporate 401K plans

The Exchange Traded Funds(ETF) Advisor 401K Plan

The Exchange Traded Funds(ETF) Advisor 401K Plan is designed to solve the two most important retirement plan issues facing employers and employees.

  1. Employers are burdened with a large - and growing - number of fiduciary liabilities. Many of these liabilities are not known to even the most conscientious employer.
  2. Employees have been burdened with large (and frequently hidden) fees that directly subtract from their retirement nest eggs, and the investment choices available to them are frequently inadequate to the task of investing in today’s markets.

Less liability for you, and more retirement dollars at work for your employees uses the well-established Multiple EmployerPlan (“MEP”) structure, which for years has been commonplace among same industry groups, trade associations and similar groupings of affiliated employers.

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The ETF Advisor 401K Plan takes this well-established structure with its many benefits and makes those benefits available to unaffiliated employers.

You immediately enjoy the benefits of joining an existing, proven turnkey plan – no legal fees or setup charges to pay, no consultants to hire, no Trustees to name or committee to form. Almost all the fiduciary responsibilities and liabilities are borne by the ETF Advisor 401K Plan Trustee and the Trustee’s appointees – not by you.

Although specifically designed to control and centralize fiduciary liabilities away from employers, the ETF Advisor 401K Plan also brings simplicity and ease of administration as additional benefits. Each employer has many options which can be used to customize their particular participation in the ETF Advisor 401K Plan, including eligibility requirements, employer matching contributions (if any), investing schedule for employer contributions, loan provisions and many more.

The ETF Advisor 401K Plan directly attacks the high cost of 401k plans. Until now, getting costs under control in a small- or mid-size employer plan was nearly impossible. High-cost investments, high fees to service providers, high administration costs and even backdoor payments through so-called “revenue sharing agreements” all are subtracted from plan assets, adding up to a significant reduction in the potential retirement nest eggs of participants. Poor selections of investments, inadequate coverage of asset classes, and poorperforming managed-account options all further detract from the chance that the employee can ever reach his or her retirement goals.

FDoctorsLLC.jpgPlan Fiduciary & Trustee
Fiduciary Doctors, LLC (“FD”) is the Fiduciary & Trustee of the ETF Advisor 401K Plan. As Fiduciary & Trustee, FD assumes the responsibilities and liabilities of ERISA sections 3(16), 3(21), 3(38), 404(c) and 408(b). FD is responsible for identifying, analyzing and appointing the administrative, custodial and investment management service providers to the ETF Advisor 401K Plan plan. Each of these appointed service providers is described below.


Plan Administrator & Recordkeeper
FutureBenefits of America (“FBA”) serves as the Administrator andRecordkeeper of the ETF Advisor 401K Plan. All of the participant and employer contact with the ETF Advisor 401K Plan flows through FBA. With 24 x 7 online access for both participants and employers, FBA provides up-to-the-minute participant account and plan-level information available at the touch of a button. FBA processes payroll data, tracks participant eligibility and produces both online and paper statements for participants and employers.


Plan Custodian
Mid Atlantic Trust Company (“MATC”) is the Custodian for all ETF Advisor 401K Plan plan assets, and executes all trades for the plan. The ETF Advisor 401K Plan is able to offer low-cost ETFs because of MATC’s industry-leading innovations, continuing a 25-year history of leadership.



We provide unbiased education to employees through:

  1. On-site workshops
  2. Webinars
  3. Phone access to Live Oak Wealth Management
  4. Employer website
  5. Educational collateral

Social Security Planning

We also believe an individual should incorporate all of their assets when planning for retirement. That’s why we also offer Social Security benefits analysis to help employees determine when the best time is to start claiming Social Security and how this fits into their overall retirement income planning.

Participants in the ETF Advisor 401K Plan have the freedom to select their own choices of investments from the plan’s investment lineup. These self-directed participants make their choices through a simple online interface, available 24 x 7. Participants who do not choose to make their own investment selections will be automatically defaulted to an age-appropriate Risk Managed Portfolio.