Social Security

Do you know which of the 567 ways to claim your Social Security?

Do you know which one of the 567 ways to claim your Social Security to maximize your lifetime benefits?

The Social Security Administration provides you with 567 ways to claim Social Security benefits. The Social Security handbook has 2,728 separate rules governing your benefits, yet they provide zero employees to advise you on the best strategy. Choosing the right benefits at the right time could mean tens of thousands of additional dollars in retirement. Making a mistake could cost YOU up to 72% of your benefits. And it's absolutely critical that you get it right because soon after you claim, your benefits become permanent. There are No Do Overs. Social Security is enormously complex. For a couple, age 62, there are over 100 million combinations of months for each of the two spouses to take benefits. (1)

When Should I start Social Security?

We understand that deciding when to begin receiving Social Security benefits is a big decision and that the concepts and strategies can be confusing or even overwhelming.  Let’s face it; this is a decision you only make once in your lifetime, so most of the clients we serve have no prior education on Social Security maximization strategies. 

I want to make sure you get all the information you need to make the best decision possible for you and your family, so here’s what we would like to do.  While you could run all 567 combinations of Social Security claiming strategies to determine which is best for you, we have software that will do it for you!

If you’d like your own custom Social Security analysis to determine how much you can possibly increase your Social Security earnings, you can get it by clicking here!  You will need your most recent Social Security Statement and enter a few basic facts in order to find out how to optimize your Social Security benefits.

Our analysis tools will take into consideration your unique earnings history, marital status, age, etc. to determine the very best strategy for you.  This report will provide you a summary of the best claiming strategy to maximize your Social Security. 

If you want to put to rest the question of when you should take Social Security and know for certain you’re making the right decision then click here to get your custom Social Security analysis.

For the detailed social security claiming report, we charge $149 so I hope you’ll take advantage of it and answer the question definitively once and for all exactly when you should begin taking Social Security benefits.

Put an end to the second guessing and determine exactly when and how to receive the maximum Social Security benefit possible for you and your family.

(1) Source: 44 Social Security "Secerets" All Baby Boomers and Millions of Current Recipients Need to Know-Revised. By Lawrence Kotlikoff, Forbes Magazine July 3, 2012.